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B Dash Camp 2016 Fall in Sapporo is a tech summit for key technology executives and startup founders in Japan and from abroad.

Monday, October 17th & Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Location & Venue:
Royton Sapporo

Nishi 11-Chome, Kita 1 Jo, Chuo-ku
Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-0001, Japan




  • Naoki	Aoyagi Naoki	Aoyagi

    Naoki Aoyagi Advisor
  • Nobuhiro Ariyasu Nobuhiro Ariyasu

    Nobuhiro Ariyasu Founder
  • Tomohiro Ebata Tomohiro Ebata

    Tomohiro Ebata General Manager, Global Business Development Department
  • Hannes Graah Hannes Graah

    Hannes Graah Managing & Representative Director
  • Yoshiaki Hirao Yoshiaki Hirao

    Yoshiaki Hirao CEO
  • Yusuke Horie Yusuke Horie

    Yusuke Horie CEO
  • Shota Horii Shota Horii

    Shota Horii CEO
  • Jun Hosokawa Jun Hosokawa

    Jun Hosokawa COO
  • Kazuma Ieiri Kazuma Ieiri

    Kazuma Ieiri CEO
  • Jun Ikeda Jun Ikeda

    Jun Ikeda President
  • Yuhei Iwamoto Yuhei Iwamoto

    Yuhei Iwamoto Associate Editor, TechCrunch Japan
  • Hiroyuki Kawamoto Hiroyuki Kawamoto

    Hiroyuki Kawamoto COO
  • Mike Kayamori Mike Kayamori

    Mike Kayamori CEO
  • Shinji Kimura Shinji Kimura

    Shinji Kimura
  • Yasuyuki Kin Yasuyuki Kin

    Yasuyuki Kin CEO
  • Tetsuya Komuro Tetsuya Komuro

    Tetsuya Komuro
  • Shunsuke Konno Shunsuke Konno

    Shunsuke Konno President & CEO
  • Hironao Kunimitsu Hironao Kunimitsu

    Hironao Kunimitsu CEO
  • Akira Kurabayashi Akira Kurabayashi

    Akira Kurabayashi Managing Director
  • Yuya Kuratomi Yuya Kuratomi

    Yuya Kuratomi CEO
  • Mandeep Manocha Mandeep Manocha

    Mandeep Manocha CEO
  • Hirokazu Mashita Hirokazu Mashita

    Hirokazu Mashita
    m&s partners
  • Jun Masuda Jun Masuda

    Jun Masuda Director CSMO
  • Harshil Mathur Harshil Mathur

    Harshil Mathur Founder & CEO
  • Soichi Matsuda Soichi Matsuda

    Soichi Matsuda CEO
  • Shoji	Miyata Shoji	Miyata

    Shoji Miyata CEO
  • Tak Miyata Tak Miyata

    Tak Miyata General Partner
  • Gen Miyazawa Gen Miyazawa

    Gen Miyazawa Executive Corporate Officer EVP, President of Media & Marketing Solutions Group
  • Tetsuya Mizuguchi Tetsuya Mizuguchi

    Tetsuya Mizuguchi Founder & CEO
  • Mary Murata Mary Murata

    Mary Murata Executive Officer, Director of Curation Service Planning Division and CEO of iemo
  • Yuki Naito Yuki Naito

    Yuki Naito President & CEO
  • Mitsuhiro Naokao Mitsuhiro Naokao

    Mitsuhiro Naokao Director
  • Shuzo	Narita Shuzo Narita

    Shuzo Narita Executive Vice President / COO
  • Koji Obuchi Koji Obuchi

    Koji Obuchi Founder & CEO
  • Haruhisa Okamura Haruhisa Okamura

    Haruhisa Okamura CEO
  • Tetsuya Sanada Tetsuya Sanada

    Tetsuya Sanada President & CEO
  • Genki Shiota Genki Shiota

    Genki Shiota Co-founder & CEO
  • Kenichi Sugawara Kenichi Sugawara

    Kenichi Sugawara Head of Brand Advertising
  • Takayuki Suzuki Takayuki Suzuki

    Takayuki Suzuki President
  • Shinya Tanaka Shinya Tanaka

    Shinya Tanaka President & Representative Director
  • Yoshikazu	Tanaka Yoshikazu	Tanaka

    Yoshikazu Tanaka Founder, Chairman & CEO
  • Naomi Tokunaga Naomi Tokunaga

    Naomi Tokunaga Senior Director, Venture Program, MARKETING STRATEGY OFFICE
  • Tatsuo Tsutsumi Tatsuo Tsutsumi

    Tatsuo Tsutsumi Partner
  • Hitoshi Uehara Hitoshi Uehara

    Hitoshi Uehara President
  • Koki Yabu Koki Yabu

    Koki Yabu President & CEO


About the Pitch Arena

The Pitch Arena is a major part of the B Dash Camp event program. It is a pitching competition for Japanese and overseas startups that are looking to raise funding, announce new products, or are looking for partnerships.

Fundraising, Partnerships & Awards

Many of the Pitch Arena’s past participants have raised money or have signed partnerships via discussions that began from the Pitch Arena. In addition to the opportunity to pitch in front of the audience of primarily CXO level executives and investors, winners will be awarded prizes from B Dash Camp sponsors.